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Writing thoughts burried in heart on a diary gives me peace, I feel the pages bandages my wounds and the Black ink woks as dettol. - Hill Station Reader   How is my life now ? I don't prefer sleeping more anymore, the days of summer are back and if I sleep during the day, [...]

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Book lovers never go to bed alone.  My post for #bookslutthrusday #Week2  This time I picked up 3 books, 2 pens and a cute Donald Duck Key- chain. I placed them on my favorite desk, clicked them all and wrote a post relating to them. What Is in the store this time for #bookslutthrusday  ?  I [...]

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Dad came from factory, he was in great hurry that day. He wanted something, and I couldn't find it. I searched it here, there and everywhere. He scolded me that it was very important file and how careless it was of me to misplace that file. I still searched despite of his anger and finally [...]

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​What is Rangroute ? rangroutestories is an initiative by Rangroute where they showcase their handmade handicrafts and products and ask to caption those cutest products by weaving a story in 140. I really love the rangroute products and they are full of Indianness so I love writing stories on such cute prompts   Prompt that won me [...]