#HappySunday #LinkParty #3

#HappySunday #LinkParty

Welcome Lovely Bloggers!

I have been having a great party this week and am enjoying it thoroughly. It is with immense pleasure that I am announcing the featured blogger of #HappySunday #2.

#HappySunday Featured Blogger

#HappySunday Featured Blogger

Dixita is our own blogstar who is a bundle of Happiness!
She blogs as HillStationReader and loves to write about Yoga, Food and Fun.
As is the tradition from last week the featured blogger gets to cohost with me the #HappySunday, and so Dixita will be my Co-Host this week.
Welcome On Board Dixita!

Prompt For The Week

This is an added feature to #HappySunday and I have found it very helpful for my blogger friends.

#HappySunday #LinkParty

#HappySunday #LinkParty

Rules Of #HappySunday #LinkParty #3

So here we are with the #HappySunday linky party! Go ahead and link your favorite posts. The following are the rules, I would like each participating member to follow the rules for better results.

  1. You can add up to two posts per week
  2. Add my super delightful badge(code below) in your post.
  3. I would be commenting on all posts and sharing them.
  4. Use the hashtags #SIM #HappySunday when commenting and sharing for better reach.
  5. Comment on the post of the host and one post above your post.
  6. Link ups are about sharing and commenting so please do as many as you can.
  7. Every week one blogger would be featured as the blogger of the week. He/She would be featured in twitter and in our 4k membered facebook group SimpleIndianMoms.
Simple Indian Mom

Menaka Bharathi

How Blogchatter motivated me to Blogging ?

​- What is Blogchatter

 to me in blogging ?

One Step At A Time + Community Building = Blogchatter 

 How to make blogging your habit

When one loves blogging but don’t get the time to blog or can’t find the time in hustle bustle of Life to sit and write, Blogchatter give them the wings to fly high and blog regularly.

With Blogchatter Blogging becomes  a routine !                 

Why I say Blogchatter for Blogging buddies ? 

And along with that the weekly prompts plus the Blogstar of the week, Microblogging sessions  every Monday and the strict blogging classes Every Wednesday adds discipline to the life of a blogger.

I was on step 1 and blog chatter is taking me high with every step, often I see my legs trembling on the path but with Blogchatter team I feel secured in the same way as I feel secured when daddy flies me high in the air. There is surity that he will not leave me unless and until he is sure that I have learned it Same is Blogchatter, they guide us till the goal is achieved and inspire us to dream new every morning 

I have been with you people first in the form of Inking pages and now as Writeaholics with some minded and extraordinary talents accompanying me in the journey 

Blogchatter is like that ray of sunlight which falls on the trees after the whole night fog  – soothing and comforting during winters 

And strictly motivating to blog during summers.

I am literally  thankful to that day When I joined Blogchatter. 

My life changed, and changed for good.

I love blogging and they are the one who guided me utilise my blogging by making it readily available to my readers.

I am Blogchatter buddy Since 16 Feb, 2016 !

Disclaimer – The post is part of weekly prompt ‘That Day‘ by Blogchatter


Quick and easy veg chilli pickle recipe

quick and easy veg chilli pickle recipe


  1. Fresh Red Chillies – 250 grams
  2. Mustard seeds powder – 100 grams

  3. Salt – as per taste ( I prefer 2 tea-spoon )

  4. Fenugreek.  seeds – 2 tea-spoon

  5. Fennel – 1 tea-spoon

6.Jeera Powder – 1 tea-spoon

  1. Oil
  • Turmeric powder – 1/2 tea-spoon

  • 9.Red chili powder – 1 tea-spoon

    1. Asafoetida – a pinch
  • Lemon – 1

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    Easy to make Indian vegetable curry recipe

    I am not a chef but I learned cooking from my granny, and whenever I make this Rajasthani Style curry everyone loves it very much.

    This curry goes very well with Rice, chapati, Baati and even Bajra or Jawar chapatis and The Khichda of Bajra made especially in winters at Rajasthan.

    Recently I made this curry for some Assamese guests and they loved it so much that during their stay at Rajasthan everyday they asked me to make curry for one meal and this motivated me to why not share this recepie of mine .
    Here you go – Try this and share the pics with mes it will make me super happy to see you cooking what I make .

    Rajasthani Curry – 

    Ingredients – 

    1. Butter Milk – 2 cups ( If it is sour, else 3 cups can be taken ) 

    2.  Gram flour – 3/4 cup

    3. Black pepper – 1/4 tsp

    4. Salt – as per taste ( and suitable for the curry proption which I am making is 1 tea spoon )

    5. Red chillies – 2

    6.Garlic – 1 clove

    1. Fenugreek seeds -1 teaspoon

    2. Jeera powder – 1 teaspoon 

    3. Asafoetida (Hing) – 1/4 tea spoon

    10.Tez patta 

    11.Mustard seeds

    1. Cumin seeds 

    2. Red Chilly Powder 

    3. Take fresh peas, or finely chopped onions or fresh cilantro leaves or Chiwla daal or even any green leafy vegetable whichever you like.

    4. Any oil – preferably Olive oil
      Method – 

    Step 1. – 

    Take butter Milk in a pan, add gram floor to it and then with the help of wooden grinder Gently mix the two unless and until the flour gets completely  mingled into it.

    Like this grinder is appreciated else blend with steel one

    Add salt, black pepper powder, jeera powdet to it.

    Step2 – (Tadka )

    Now take a big spoon, add 2 tea spoon oil to it, heat the spoon on high flame, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, hing, tezz patta, fenugreek seeds to it.

    Also add ginger garlic paste, red chilly powder and at last add the two red chillies breaking them into two pieces.

    Let everything make a crackle noise.

    Step3. – Be safe while doing this, add the Tadka into the buttermilk pan .

    Add water as required.

    Step4 – Immediately take the pan and place it on stove and start stirring it. 

    Stir it continuously on high flame till the curry starts getting a boil ( Do not leave it for a moment before a boil else it will become waste )

    When curry starts boiling reduce the flame, now add the green leafy vegetable, or fresh peas of your choice and let the curry boil for around 45 minutes or as my granny says boil it till it get 500 boils, she says the more it get boils the better it tastes.

    This is how it will look in stage 4

    On completion, it will look like this

    At last granish the curry with fresh cilantro leaves.
    I have added less chilly powder keeping in mind the taste buds of my little brother, I will suggest to add at least 3 tea spoons to enjoy that Rajsthani Flavour and enjoy the hot curry with Rice.

    Share your views. 


    Happy New Year 

    I had an awesome 2016, I made resolutions to read and that was happily fullfiled with me so I am here to set up new goals for 2017 too, to make my 2017 a better year ! 

    Blogging Resolutions 2017 – 

    1. Blog thrice a week.
    2. Diary Writing
    3. Pray daily
    4. Drink plenty of water
    5. To indulge myself in Yoga, walking or any such habits on daily basis.
    6. To explore new things, and avoid feelings like jealousy or hate from me at the earliest.

    New Me, New you and a New Year !

    Highlights of 2016 ! 

    January – On the very first Day of January I received a notification telling me that I have won 12 books in a giveaway by Lenro Books, and I can choose any 12 books of my choice provided the net value must not be exceeding 5k.
    February – The month of love was beautiful for me too as my Crush Mr. Ruskin Bond was at Jaipur Literature Festival and I was at Jaipur on the same day, I couldn’t meet him as I was Into ICAI meeting was a heartache for me, but I cherished reading his autographed books Puffin have sent me.

    March – The month of Holi, Where Rangrute have sent me beautiful Chai coasters for the Holi Contest.

    April – This month was major blogging month.I took A To Z challenge 2016 During the month and successfully completed it along with Blogchatter and they have also rewarded the participants who successfully completed the challenge A beautiful Rangroute Journal.

    May – This month as the birthday month have many beautiful memories, I was attached to the love and care my family presented to me.

    June – The month of rain, when I began reading Harry Potter, I also won a Poster in Synergy A poster with Pancham Da.

    During the month I celebrated 25th wedding anniversary of mum Pas, and had a family trip to Vrindawan.

    July – This month holds special ‘me’ time for me, I Read Ruskin Bond books during this month in the slow drizzle.

    August – The month of Rakshabandhan was spent well.

    September – It was one of the crucial month of the year, along with tears and fights, the end gave me a lesson to Adjust and Adapt things instead of being jealous. The year thought me to OBEY.

    October – October went so fast as i was into Diwali works during the year.

    November – I really don’t want to discuss the tough time I had in November, During the early days Of November mom was being hospitalized, and rest was spent taking her care.

    I haven’t blogged anything during the month. Along with mom’s sickness the month also taught me to wipe my tears myself, and then wipe tears of family smiling and pretending to be strong.

    The month made me matured and brought in me a different attitude towards life.

    Demonetization was major announcement by our Govt, I really appreciate their decision

    And at the last of November I did some shopping to relax and comfort the other side of me

    December – This Monty is my personal favorite. During the month I was busy in sister’s wedding and then Came Christmas.

    Fashion And Woman ! 

    Shopping is a never ending leisure for woman and recently I spent two days continously for shopping at Jaipur during the month of November.

    November is the beginning of winters, and the pink city welcomes the beautiful crowd by its pink glow of the cold.

    I always shop for trends that are long lasting and are simple but elegant so this time What I have got for myself in my shopping bag are – 

    1. Jaipuri Embroided Jackets – 

    This lovely and classy jackets are an style statement, I purchased them from a designer friend.

    And guys I am really loving this embroider jackets, it have got beautiful and very minor embroidery work.

    There are beautiful mirror dangles attached to it, and it goes very well with the 3/4th sleeves one colored Kurta, It can also be teamed up with some classical tops and give us a traditional look.

    I loved Its work very much.

    Backside view !

    1. Jacket 2 

    The Backside look ! 

    Jhumkas From Bapu Market Jaipur ! 

    1. Who doesn’t like jhumkas ? And what if the jhumkas are from Jaipur market?  No matter how much you purchase there will be always  space for many more and same happens with me, I purchased so many of them.

    Apart from this I have got some colorful bangles

    I have seen Aishwariya Rai wearing a mehndi colored Kurti and I wanted one like that, but I couldn’t find it then I met a designer friend of mine and asked him if he can design the same forme and yes he did it and even more beautifully than the original one.

    And my suggestions For WHAT TO SHOP attending an Indian Wedding are – 

    1. 4-5 Kurtis.

    2. A Saree

    3. An evening gown

    4. An Indo Western Dress

    5. Lovely pair of denims and party wear tops.

    6. Palazzo’s 

    7. And Jutis 

    Favorite hangout lace for shopping at Jaipur are – Raja Park, with also the best Jaipur Cosa and Hanuman Dhaba.

    For Jaipur bangels I suggest Nahargarh Road, For Jaipur Kurtis ,earnings Bapu Bazar, For not expensive and in budget wali Shopping I suggest Sarawagi Mansion.

    And for Best saree I found a shop Gangour after lots of struggling for two days.

    I am very happy with my shopping bag 2016 
    Disclaimer – ‘I am writing this post towards #Blog&Celebrate contest by Novemberschild
    9. The entry(s) to be submitted in the below comment box of this post.